Controversy over Rayvanny and Diamond's new Video song Tetema

Is it a copy and paste?

Diamond  Platunmz with Rayvanny

Rayvanny and Diamond Platnumz new Video “Tetema” has been rocked with controversy after it emerged that they had copied a scene from an American song called See You again by Tyler the creator.

Watching the two videos (See You Again and Tetema) you will notice a striking resemblance in a scene shot at the airport with a plane on the background.

The striking similarities between the two videos has raised eyebrows among their fans, eliciting a discussion on whether to call it copy and paste or just borrowing a scene from what already exist.

Airport scenes

In Tetema, the airport scene appears at 1 minute, 15 seconds, while in Tyler’s See You Again the Airport scene appears at 1 minute 28 seconds. See You again was released in August 2018, while Tetema premiered for the first time on February 7th 2019 and seemingly the Director of the video had to borrow some scenes.

Copy and Paste

This is not the first video Diamond has been accused of copy and Paste. In July 2018, the WCB President was on the spot for using a concept from Sharuk Khan Movie for the song Baila. He defended his act saying that he used the concept because Khan is one of his role models. 

All said and done, WCB outdid themselves in Tetema Video setting a new record of hitting over 1 million views in 17 hours.


In 2018 Nyashinski was also on the spot for stealing Jay Z and Kanye’s video idea for his song Hayawani.

Nyashinski’s ‘Hayawani’ published on YouTube on 30th November 2017 resembles a video released in 2012, a collabo between Kanye West and Jay Z titled ‘No Church in the Wild’.

In both videos, the police arrive on horses while holding shields; hinting they are ready for war. A group of rowdy youth trying to confront the police was a scene featured on both videos. The confrontation culminates into a fight between the police and the youths. The rowdy crowds in both videos use stones to fight back.



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