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Hassan Omar badly embarrassed after Tweet on Diamond and Zari

Omar found himself on the receiving end of a massive backlash from KOT.

Omar tweeted that the Zari/Daimond issue would require some 'high level' intervention from Mombasa.

He ended by saying  "Bro, it's getting out of hand".


Earlier this week, Diamond shocked millions of his fans by admitting he had cheated on Zari  with video vixen Hamisa Mobetto and fathering her baby.

KOT immediately took issue with the Tweet with some blasting the former Senator of idleness to the extent of talking about the celebrities' rocky relationship.

Others accused Omar of mocking Governor Hassan Joho saying that the "bro" and "high level intervention" was sarcastically referring to the Mombasa county boss.

On Thursday, the Governor of Dar-es-Salaam Paul Makonda sent out the following message to Diamond and Zari: “Thamani yako kwangu bado ni kubwa sana , kwani uwezo wako wa kupita kwenye dhoruba na ukabaki imara na familia yako unaendelea kukupa heshima.”(Translation: I still value and respect you a lot, due to your ability to pass through the storm and remain strong alongside your family.)


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