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How Zari disappointed Diamond on his birthday

If you thought it was all good in the Chibu household, think again!

But it seems that Zari is not willing to forgive her beau yet despite his constant attempts to smooth things over. In videos that have made rounds online, Zari seemed very disinterested as Diamond clung to her and attempted to serenade her with songs.

It is quite clear that the star is still in the dog house as while many people wished him a  ‘Happy Birthday’ even his ex Wema Sepetu, Zari did not.

She just posted this photo claiming that the devil has been asking her to go back home to Madale where Diamond lives but unlike her hubby who was willing to crawl to South Africa to beg for forgiveness, she is not going to Madale on her knees. A post that was seen as a thinly-veiled jab at Diamond but Zari was quick to add that things on social media shouldn’t be taken too seriously.


But unfortunately, in this day and age, social media postings carry a lot of weight and the absence of a ‘Happy Birthday’ message on Nillan and Tiffah’s accounts also raised eyebrows. This is because the accounts are managed by Zari so she was probably not up for a HBD post after Diamond embarrassed her in public with the cheating scandal.

She also did not show up for his birthday and he was forced to be content with a bunch of models and Wasafi label-mates partying in his house. He later held a yacht party where neither Zari nor Hamisa Mobetto showed up.

Friends, family, stars and even Zari’s friends such as actress Jackline Wolper later gathered at the fancy Hyatt Regency Hotel in Dar es Salaam for more celebrations but still no Zari.

The 3-parties-no-Zari situation led many to believe that it will be a while before Diamond gets out of the dog house.


But Zari’s glaring absence did not kill Diamond’s morale as he had a blast at his party.

He later dropped by at Amana Hospital where he was born 28 years ago and he interacted with mothers and gave them gifts to mark his birthday.

“The best moment have ever had...Spending my birthday at the hospital where i was born and meet my bornmates and the other kids.... may God Help all the mothers and the kids who are sick to get a quick recovery.”  Diamond wrote.

Check out the Amana  Hospital video below:


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