Zari responds to accusations that her break up was a publicity stunt

Wanatafuta kiki?

She cited cheating as the main reason for their break up and said that her respect, integrity, dignity and well-being can no longer be compromised.

A few days later her sister-in-law Esma Platnumz said the two had not broken up and there was no problem in Zari’s and Diamond’s relationship.

A statement that led to claims that the two were faking it for the gram in order to rouse interest in Diamond’s upcoming album ‘A Boy from Tandale’ which is due for release next month on March 14. Exactly a month after the said break up.

However, Zari has debunked claims that the break up was for publicity or kiki as many Tanzanians call it.

“Some people claim that ooh sijui ni kiki, ni whatever no. I really ended it with him it’s not about kiki, it’s not about his album ‘A Boy from Tandale’.” She said.

Zari also asked her fans to back off and respect her decision to end things with Diamond. “Everybody is like go back to Diamond. But it was a personal decision, it was not a decision to be made by the public. I am in a better place knowing that I ended my relationship with him.”


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