A summary into Zari and Diamonds relationship this week

How events have unfolded in Zari and Diamonds relationship this week

There is a lot of excitement that fans have when they hear that their favourite or not so favourite musician is getting married. People want to be able to discuss the potential spouse of the artist and rate them. Some are loved and others are hated because they don’t fit into the stereotype of what a musician’s wife/husband should look like.

For months now Tanzanian power couple Diamond Platunmz and Zari Hassan have been going through a hard time, with their relationship getting messier day I day out.

The drama of their relationship can be traced back to the Live Radio Interview on Clouds FM, where Diamond confessed that he cheated on his wife with Video Vixen Hamisa Mobetto.

Today we will be analyzing how the week has been in the relationship of Diamond Platnumz and Zari Hassan not forgetting her baby Mama Hamisa.

Zari unfollowed Diamond

Zari shocked the world after unfollowing her husband Diamond Platnumz and deleting all his photos on her Instagram account.

According to the boss lady, she is not ready to be fooled by the father of her two kids and that’s why she has opted to delete all his Photos on social media.

“No more validation of guys on social media for them to make you look like a fool. Chao” said Zari in a Snapchat post.

Zari Snubbed Diamond’s Event

Zari took to her Twitter handle to confirm that she will not be attending this year’s Kampala City Festival where her fiancé is set to headline.

"Unfortunately I will not be attending the Kampala charity festival as advertised by some blogs due to personal commitments. Hope u enjoy" she posted on her Twitter page.

The Kampala City Festival 2017 is happening this weekend, with a special performance from Chibu Dangote.

Diamond deletes Zari’s Photos

Platnumz responded to her fiancé's action of deleting all his photos on her Instagram account with equal measures.

In retaliation, Chibu decided to delete her photos on his Instagram Account.

He also went ahead to unfollow the mother of his two kids on Instagram hence giving a clear indication that things are not working out in their marriage.

Diamond Sued over child support

The video vixen whom he cheated on his wife Zari Hassan has taken the star to court over allegations of not offering child support to his son.Mobetto is also suing Diamond for defamatory comments he made about her in a live radio interview on Clouds FM when he broke the news that he had fathered a son with the model behind Zari’s back.

Diamond declares he is single

In an Instagram post full of angry words, Diamond has expressed his frustration of waking up to controversial stories about his love life every day.

According to Diamond, he will not be the first one to inform the world when his relationship with Zari Hassan comes to an end.

“Siku pia Nikimaliza Mahusiano yangu na AlieSouth na nikawa na Mwengine na ikifikia kuliweka wazi ntaliweka wazi Mwenyewe, Maana hakuna kitachonizuia” wrote Diamond in the post

He added that he is only 28 years-old and not married and even if he decides to marry, he is allowed to marry up to four women.

Hamisa international awards

Platnumz's baby Mama Hamisa Mobetto has been nominated in this year’s Starqt International Awards scheduled to take place in South Africa come November 4, 2017.

Hamisa has been nominated in two categories, that’s People Choice Awards and Super Mum category considering she is a mother of two.

The awards are meant to recognize and celebrate women in Business, Fashion and  those in the modelling Industry

Zari ignored Diamond’s Birthday/WCB Crew

Zari disappointed Platnumz after failing to attend any of his birthday parties held in Tanzania. She also did not send birthday wishes to Harmonize and Marombosso of WCB

To make matters worse, Zari struck off Diamond’s name from those of their kids.

Initial the social media accounts for their Kids had the “Diamond Platnumz and Zari Hassan Son/Daughter, but after the drama, the accounts are reading “Princes Nillan and Princess Tiffah.


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