Brazilian singer Iza calls out Diamond and Tanasha for copy pasting her Video (Screenshots)

Diamond on the spot again!!

Singer Iza, Diamond and Tanasha

Tanzanian singer Diamond Platnumz and Tanasha Donna are yet again on the spot after it emerged that they had copy pasted the video concept of their new song dubbed GERE from a Brazilian singer called Iza.

On Thursday, Isabela Cristina Correia de Lima Lima, popularly known as IZA re-posted the Gere video on her Instagram, expressing displeasure in the manner which Chibu and his girlfriend duplicated scenes from her video titled Brisa.

Scrutiny of the two videos “Gere” and “Brisa” indicates that the Director who worked on the Platnumz and Ms Donna’s video copied the concept from Iza’s song Brisa that was uploaded on YouTube on April 18, 2019 with over 83 million views.

Striking similarities

The striking similarities between the two videos raised eyebrows among their fans, eliciting a discussion on whether to call it copy and paste or just borrowing a scene from what already existed.

Iza put up a post in Portuguese that says “Iza posts reads @diamondplatnumz: amiga, posso copiar seu trabalho? Eu: Tá, só não faz igual. @diamondplatnumz: ctrl + c / ctrl + v 😂😂😂 nessa quinta um #tbt de Brisa pra voc... não, pera’ which loosely translates to “(@diamondplatnumz: friend, can I copy your work? Me: Okay, it's just not the same. @diamondplatnumz: ctrl + c / ctrl + v, this Thursday a #tbt of Brisa for you ... no, wait)”.


IZA, is a Brazilian singer, songwriter and dancer, who rose to fame recording cover songs of artists such as Beyoncé, Rihanna, and Sam Smith on her self-titled YouTube channel

On the other hand, Gere managed to clock 1 million views within 14 hours of being uploaded on YouTube.

Rocked with controversy

This is not Diamond’s first video to be rocked with controversy. In February 2019, the WCB CEO and Rayvvany were again accused of copy pasting scenes from an American song called See You again by Tyler the creator in their video Tetema.

Watching the two videos (See You Again and Tetema) you will notice a striking resemblance in a scene shot at the airport with a plane on the background.

In 2018 Nyashinski was also on the spot for stealing Jay Z and Kanye’s video idea ‘No Church in the Wild’ for his song Hayawani.

Scenes from Brisa and Gere


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