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Diamond Platnumz reminisces lost love with an ex-girlfriend

Tanzania's crooner Diamond Platnumz shares his love memories


While speaking to Classic 105, the singer opened up about a girl he once loved known as Sarah. He dated her down memory lane when he used to be selling ‘mtumba’ clothes.

Owing to his deep love for Sarah, he sang ‘Nenda kamwambie’ which is based on a true story.

The self-made star narrated his story disclosing unknown details of his humble past.


He narrated, ‘ Kamwambie was a real story of my life. Katika hustling zangu nilikuwa na dame mmoja hivi alikuwa anaitwa Sarah. Sarah alikuwa mwanamke mzuri, sana na wakileo, lakini mimi sikuwa na kitu mfukoni. kwa hivyo alikuwa ananipenda tuu anajiweka smart sana. na nilikuwa na ndoto nyingi na ahadi nyingi, ‘you know tomorrow I will be a star. So alikuwa ana amini naweza kuwa hivyo, lakini ilifika time akachoka so akaabiri azinguwe akaniwacha. akaniwacha akaniambia, ngoja nikuambie kitu, Diamond, at this point there is no way I can be with a person ambaye hawezi kumanage maisha yangu’.

He then added that he tried to reach out to her until she warned him to stop calling him. So then I wrote the song ‘nenda kamwambie’.

The WCB president is in the country to launch his album ‘A boy from Tandale’. The album launch will be on Wednesday 13 March 2018 in an invites only event to be held in B Club, Nairobi.

The crooner disclosed that he is yet to hold talks with Tanzania’s Minister of Information. He said the talks will happen once he jets back to his country. Their discussion will entail way forward for Tanzania’s artists following the Magufuli government ban on some songs.

Diamond said the government of Tanzania should come up with fair rules and regulations governing musicians to as to avoid banning their songs adding that this is like finishing a musician’s career.


The father of two noted that for him he did not feel impacts of the ban as much since he also performs outside Tanzania.

The boy from Tandale revealed that Omari Ishmael Grandberry, an international rapper will be present during his album launch tomorrow.


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