Bongo star Diamond Platnumz’s manager Sallam Sharaff popularly known as Sallam SK has landed a new job.

In an announcement he made on Friday, Sallam disclosed that he had officially signed a deal with music power couple Navy Kenzo, made up of singer Aika and her husband Nahreel.

He added that he is set to start working with the Navy Kenzo duo as soon as next week.

“This is an exclusive, I am the new manager for Navy Kenzo and we will start working next week. Aika and Nahreel are under the SK Business for now,” said Sallam SK as he spoke to Dizzim online.

Sallam also said that the duo already has five videos ready and his job as their manager will be to choose which one they will release first.

Sallam SK is the official manager for music sensation Diamond Platnumz and rapper AY.

The signing of the deal with the Navy Kenzo comes a few days after Navy Kenzo’s Nahreel who is also a producer teamed up with Diamond Platnumz and spearheaded the successful production of Diamond’s world cup Anthem for East Africa.

Nahreel and Aika are a couple and they are blessed with a son called Gold.