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Why Diamond failed to perform alongside Rick Ross

Budget issues

The self-styled manager explained that Nairobi’s NRG contacted his company SK Entertainment to help them land the John rapper in Nairobi but their budget fell short at the last minute.

Money problem


He went on to add that it was if Wasafi Records had been contacted then Diamond would have definitely performed but since it was a different deal then he could not have performed without being paid first.

“Always tunasimama katika Biashara kwa hiyo jamaa alikuwa na budget hio at the time tulinegotiate price. Alipofikia akawa hana budget. Kwa hivyo it doesn’t mean kuwa kama hana budget na sisi tukafanye kwasababu ilikuwa so sure WCB. Ndio maana nakwambia nlisimama kama SK entertainment na si WCB. Ingekuwa ni WCB ina maana lazima Diamond angeenda kuperform but ilikuwa Biashara ingine kwa hivyo ilikuwa inatakiwa Diamond alipwe na Diamond kama hajalipwa hawezi kuperform. That’s it”, he told Times FM in an interview.

Rick Ross and Diamond who are both Belaire ambassadors produced a song together dubbed Waka but Rick Ross later pulled down Diamond’s photo on his Instagram page suggesting there might have been a fall out.


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