Zari Hassan faces paternity issues after claims that Nillan is not Diamond's son

“I swear am seeing Ivan in this baby.” One fan said.

Zari Hassan and son

The paternity issue was raised by Ivan’s right-hand man King Lawrence who claimed that Tiffah belonged to Ivan and people just ran with the story like an athlete with a baton during a relay race.

It got so bad that Wema Sepetu even used it as ammunition during a fight she had with Zari. The couple was then forced to head to South Africa for a paternity test where Tiffah was confirmed as Diamond’s and this vindicated Zari who had been slandered for giving birth with her ex.

Now the paternity issue has reared its ugly head and Zari is now facing issues over the paternity of Nillan who some claim belongs to Ivan. These allegations come after Zari shared a photo of her son on Facebook and it sparked the following reactions:

The accusations come a few months after Diamond made a statement during a radio interview that indicated that he had doubts about whether Nillan was his biological child.

"Wajua mtoto akikaribia kuzaliwa, unafaa ungoje uone kama atatoka copy yako, wanawake hupaswi kuwaamini saana. Waweza subiri copy yako unapata anataoka mwingine tofauti. Mwanamke wako akisema ako na mimba yako hufai kusema ana mimba yako unfaaa kusema anavyodai ako na mimba yako.” he said. (You should first wait for your child to be born so that you can claim them as your own when they come out looking like you, you shouldn’t trust women too much. You can wait for your copy then you are surprised to find out that your child looks like somebody else. When your girl says that she is pregnant, do not say she is pregnant with your child, say that ‘as she says she is pregnant with my child.) he said.


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