Diana Marua fights with Bahati, Packs and Leaves the House (Video)

Marriage is not a bed of Roses

In their latest episode of Being Bahati, the two love birds proved that indeed relationships are never a bed of roses as they require a lot of effort and commitment.

Fall out

In May, the two had a serious argument due to what Diana described as his Hubby not dedicating enough time to his family and when she confronted him for a discussion Bahati walked out on her.

“Babe iko wapi key ya Gari, si niende nirudi, by 7pm nitakuwa numerudi, we saa niko ready kutoka ndo Diana anataka tukae chini tuongee, nashindwa nimeshinda kwa nyumba mchana yote, nitaharibu Kazi,” says Bahati.

Diana interjects telling him that he has been too busy at the expense of his family.

“Kazi Kazi, Kazi, every single day umekuwa busy hauna hata time yetu. A lot has been happening, he has been away from home most of the day. You always come back at midnight. Morgan alikuona last when, don’t make me feel like a single parent. Vitu unafanya ni impotant kushinda zenye mi nafanya” says Diana Marua.

Wife left

After walking out on his wife, Bahati went for a meeting to organize the EMB Tour that had been scheduled for Mathare but upon returning home he found his wife had packed everything and left the house.

“So natoka tour, Kufika nyumbani watu waliendanga,wamebeba kila kitu hadi bed sheets” says Bahati.

Sharing the video of the show, Ms Marua said “Relationships are not a bed of roses, at least from my experience. Social media can be quite deceiving at times because some people only highlight the best moments of their lives. No one shows you their downfall or the challenges they experience in this journey of life. The fact that we've been raised differently and come from different backgrounds, we have had our own tough share of 'bitter' love and even thrown in the towel. In some of our disagreements, each one of us knows/ thinks that I am right while the other is wrong and vice versa and we all know the end result of that.... Relationships are not goals, they are hardwork, commitment, perseverance and being mature enough to know that not every disagreement is worth arguing or fighting about. Maybe sometimes the best solution is to walk out for your own sanity".



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