Bahati’s wife Diana Marua has shared her motherhood experience in an emotional post months after giving birthday to her bundle of joy Heaven Bahati.

In a well written Instagram post, Ms Marua has disclosed the challenges she has been going through in the process bringing up her daughter.

According to Mrs Bahati it has not be easy but day in day out she is always loving the experience of being beside her young one as she grows.

“Gosh Heav! The patience you give me as your mum is beyond words!! So, a few minutes ago, I'm raising her high and giving her the endless kisses, one of her favs and she decides to burp in my mouth with that cuddled milk yesterday as I was giving her a bath, she shows me a new trick and poops in her water then smiles in such a relief looking straight into my eyes you can imagine the hustle of cleaning her up and preparing another hot water bath and before I forget how many times have you pretended to be sleeping only for me to tip toe out of your room, close the door and boom you scream at the top of your lungs then go back to sleep once I put you on my chest?

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“Then you wake up when mommy has just zoned out! Plus how many gallons of fluids will I keep drinking only for you to empty every other hour The energy required raising this little controlling managers, Only a mother would understand I look at her and love her even more  What's your experience? ” shared Diana Marua

Ms Marua’s Mother hood experience prompted other women to join the conversation and also share what they have been going through.


“Those precious moments I wouldn't trade them for anything in this whole world. Mine is at the Terrible twos stage. I just nicknamed her" terrorist" ilove her to infinity and beyond.”

“Hahaha 4months and I feel dizzy when I breast feed her for more than 30minutes.....mothers you rock “

“ sure dear...And with time u'll enjoy more.When she gets to the stage of knowing u the mum and she is like,Maaa just calling u all over then u'll be like,Wow it's been a long journey but worthy and then u'll say thankyou Lord for making me a mum..Its just a good feeling”