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Diana Marua excites Kenyans after doing this for Bahati’s daughter Mueni

Bahati was out of town.

The Bahatis

“On such a Day 3 Years ago I Received a Gift, a baby Girl Happy Birthday My Lovely Daughter,” Bahati wrote before promising his daughter a birthday vacation.

“God knew I needed to smile even at my lowest point he gave me an angel. Mama, I love you so much, Happy Birthday Mueni Bahati. God protect you for me you are my everything Yvanna,” Mueni’s mum, Yvette wrote.


Diana Marua was not left behind and took Mueni for a birthday treat as Bahati was out of town.

She was companied by Mueni’s mum Yvette and they went for some birthday shopping before Maria presented Mueni with a cake.

A treat that has excited Kenyans who marvelled at how unified Bahati’s family is and how kind Marua is to her step-daughter.

“Hio co-parenting and Diana kushikiliana na madhe ya mueni... Kama wewe ni muwise rada kitu hapo so rare kwa society kuona kitu kama hio that’s nice and healthy for the kids!” one fan wrote while another adding “@diana_marua is so kind-hearted.”


“You have a caring wife,” one of Bahati’s followers commented.

Watch a snippet of the birthday treat below:


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