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Diana Marua’s response to reports that Bahati ordered secret DNA test for their daughter Heaven

Diana sets the record straight

Diana Marua with her Family. Bahati and Heaven

Diana Marua wife to gospel singer Kevin Bahati has quashed reports that her husband ordered a secret DNA test for their daughter Heaven Bahati.

In a 10-minutes video titled “Assumptions about me” Ms Marua was responding questions asked by her fans, where one user sort clarification on stories that were doing rounds on social media that Heaven is not Bahati’s biological daughter.

“I read somewhere that Heaven is not Bahati’s Biological daughter” reads one of the Questions.


Paternity test

The paternity test topic seemed to annoy Ms Marua, who went to an extent of dropping her phone on the table and set the record straight.

“Nini husumbua watu. Watu tu wanakaanga tu stories, stories oooh Bahati ordered a DNA, Bahati sijui did what. Nini lakini husumbua watu. Anyway bado tuko tunalea Heaven is turning 2 na tunaendelea na uzazi” responded Mama Heaven.

She went ahead to caution her fans and followers not believe everything they read online, if it doesn’t have her side of the story.


Heaven and Majesty Bahati

The couple welcomed their first born child (Heaven) at the Karen Hospital back in February 14, 2018.

“GLORY TO JESUS!!! This Morning this Girl has given me the greatest gift of Life 3.24kgs Help Us Welcome " shared Bahati

On August 14, 2019, they were blessed with another child named Majesty Bahati.

“GLORY TO JESUS, At Exactly 1:04 pm @majestybahatiHas Been Born #MAJESTY” .


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