Did Kenyan moms go to the same school? 6 Habits that define a Kenyan mom

This is your typical Kenyan mom!

Did Kenyan moms go to the same school? 6 Habits that define a Kenyan mom

A mother is said to be a child’s first love and best friend. Moms are also the most caring people we all have in our lives and they can sacrifice all they have to ensure their kids get the best that they can provide. We’ve seen mothers sleeping hungry just to let their kids have something to put in their stomach.

A mother’s love grows with a kid and has no limits, even when you’re an adult, married with children, to your mother, you will always be a baby.

Kenyan moms, however, are a special lot. Looking at the things they do to ensure their children have comfortable lives, you will only wonder if they all went to the same motherhood school.

Any Kenyan kid would relate with some of the most common habits that they’ve all endured while growing up. A sit down with your friends you’ll realize that the same things your mother did to you, is the same experience they have with their mothers.

Pulselive.co.ke highlights some common habits that describe Kenyan moms;

Preserving utensils for guests

If your mom never did this, then she must have been not an ordinary woman. Kenyan moms have a specific set of utensils that are kept specifically for use only when you have guests around. 

No one was allowed to touch the glass cups or plates, not even your father unless you had guests over at the house. Furthermore, you would be shocked to see some utensils produced in your homes only when the guests visit. A section of the public still believes that this is common in most homes.  

Scolding you in public

A simple mistake rewards you a scolding from your mom regardless of where and when, for a Kenyan mom a mistake is a mistake and has to be rebuked. This would go on and on for some time and nothing you do after will be good enough to cancel the mistake.

Sometimes the scolding would be accompanied with a thorough beating.

Forbidden from eating and taking some foods and sodas

Kenyan moms would forbid their kids from having certain foods because the food was either for grown-ups or would have effects on them. Some of the common ones were porridge which kids were not allowed to take at night because they would pee in bed. Another common one was taking a certain soda because it was only meant for grown-ups. Who even came up with such rules? SMH.

Unending chores

Whenever a Kenyan mom is at home, the kids have a long day of unending chores. Just when you have started enjoying your favorite TV show or movies, that is when she remembers she needs to get something from the shop and it’s your job to get whatever it is.

The interesting bit was that at times your mom would be seated but she still sends you to pick something in the kitchen, bedroom every now and then just when you’re fully concentrated on a movie. 


Kenyan moms are disciplinarians and when doing this, they do it to perfection. It will always stick to your head. A mistake that warrants a beating from a Kenyan mom will have you spanked, slapped and having your ears pinched all at the same time. To add salt to the injury, moms will always tell you the caning is because they love you. 

After all this beating, the concluding statement will be “na nisisikie ukilia.”

Packing breakfast with bread spread with Blue Band 

This was the best part for every kid while growing up when mom packed breakfast for you to carry to school. 

The number one reason for this was the Blue Band part where moms would neatly spread it on bread and have it in a cool lunchbox. 

Kids always loved how the bread was packaged and the moms obviously knew the nutritious value that comes with this especially the vitamins and Omega which play a vital role in bone growth, reproduction and immune system health. 

While other habits by Kenyan mothers might have fizzled out, this has remained the most consistent practice to date due to the evolvement of Blue Band over the years. 

Great news to Kenyan moms and Kids, we have the Blue Band Limited Edition which is rich in Omega 3 and 6 as well as Vitamins which are known to help children improve their reading skills.

These vitamins are also important in the growth of cells, as well as brain and muscle development in children, among other essential body functions.

However, not all kids get to enjoy breakfast in the morning before making their way to school and to ensure all school going children have access to the most important meal of the day, Blue Band has embarked on a mission to have all school children in Kenya have access to a good and nutritious breakfast.

For every 500g pack of the limited edition purchased, Blue Band will donate a good breakfast to a child in need to help them start their day like other kids.

Join Blue Band on a mission to give every child the nutritious start they need for an active day of learning.


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