Different types of people you are likely to meet in a club

DJ nichezee hiyo song tena

Different types of people you are likely to meet in a club

Clubbing has become part of our lifestyle. Despite of the numerous times people vow not to club; they always find themselves back at it. It’s like an addiction.

There, you will find all types of peculiar and puzzling personalities; from the guy who gets emotional after getting drunk to the one who keeps asking the DJ to play them a certain song.

Pulse Live did a research and came up with the types of different people you are likely to meet in a club;

The Photoholic

As people party and have fun without a care in the world, others will be busy taking pictures for the gram. They will take pictures of their drinks and a million selfies by the time they are done, their phone storage will be full.

This kind of people don’t care whether you appear in their pictures or not, they will go ahead and post them on every social media platform.

The smooth operator

This is always a handsome sexy guy who flirts with every girl. He will have some nice catchy lines and mind-blowing dance moves. His aim is to usually get a one-night stand because he is not ready for commitment.

His will accomplish his plan because he won’t leave the club empty handed.

The fighting couple

After having too many drinks, some couples will hang their dirty linen in public, start arguing and some will even fight.

Most of these arguments are usually brought up by the lady who after getting emotional, remembers that his boyfriend cheated or lied to her. The man will have to take his girlfriend home before suffering more embarrassment or before the fight gets uglier.

The One bottled groupie

I’m sure you’ve met a group of people in a club sharing 1.25 liters of soda for two hours. Most of the times, it will be a group of slay queens sharing the drink as they wait for not-so-clever guys to order them mzinga.

They will take forever to sip their drinks and try to be the center of attention so that someone can buy them drinks.

The dancer

They will be on the dance floor for like the whole night. You can even leave go to another club and still find them dancing. You will be mistaken to think that they have a battery because they never get tired.

There will also be a lady with a big behind who after finding out that men are looking at her, will twerk for the whole night. She will leave the club with a sprained back.

Watu wapewe, the bill is on me

In a group of friends, there will always be that chatty person who looks like a nice person but isn’t. He will pressure his friends to get the drinks of their choice because he will pay for them, but how he will escape the club is a mystery only the FBI can solve.

Napenda hii song

There will be like two or more ladies screaming “Gaiii napenda hii song” every time a song comes out. They will cry and declare how much they love the song before breaking out in a dance. They will repeatedly say this for the next fifteen songs that the DJ is going to play in the club.

The one who thinks they can dance

They will dance as if in the middle of a seizure and still brag about how good they are at dancing. Normally, they have a bad attitude and are confident as Miguna. No evil eyes will stop them from dancing pathetically.

The violent guy

After taking several drinks, some people will get very violent, start abusing others and even start a fight. Some will break glasses and pour other people’s drinks. It will take the effort of the bouncers to kick them out of the club.

The guys who need to get a room

When some people get high, they will take dancing to another level and engage in suggestive erotic moves that will make it seem as if they will get intimate on the dance floor.

They will be all over each other, kiss deeply and passionately as if they are in love and invade other people’s privacy.

The one who keeps visiting the restroom

Some people will spend most of their time in the washroom than in the club dancing or taking drinks. They will keep visiting the restroom after every five minutes because they have to pee. Others will be there because they have to vomit after mixing different drinks.

The bragger

They usually have a loud annoying voice and wont even keep quiet during the entire time in the club. They will brag about their new ride, job and will even go ahead to boast about how they know the club owner and a few prominent people who can help them out if faced with a few issues.

The sleeper

Some people will get carried away after indulging in a few drinks and immediately black out. They will sleep on the table as other people enjoy their night. You will wonder why they prefer to sleep on the table instead of going home.

The emotional one

They say alcohol brings out the worst in people and sometimes people get very emotional once they are intoxicated. Ladies will start crying and open up about what they have been going through. Some men will get emotional and declare their love for their friends like “Kevo si unajuanga wewe ni bro, Kevo si unajua tumetoka mbali”

Other people you are likely to meet in the club are club hoppers, those who hope from one club to the other, the ones who keep hitting on bar tenders and those who friends who turn into fundraising committee in order to raise cash to buy drinks.


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