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5 ways to deal with intestinal gas

Get a whiff of this.


Thing is, it’s timeless! (hehehe) Naturally, the body creates gas on a daily basis. In fact, research says that people produce as many as one to four pints of gas a day, which they pass, on average, about 14 times a day. However there a lot of other factors that can lead to an increased production of gas that is harmful to your health. It could be something you ate, a medical condition or even a style of feeding.

Whatever the case, here’s 7 ways to deal with excessive gas problems.

1.Take your drinks before your meals

It’s such a kawaida thing to down a glass of water immediately after having a meal but did you know that it’s not advisable? Yup, that glass of water neutralizes your stomach acids and makes it difficult for your stomach to break down food hence the gas. Try to drink your water. 30 minutes before eating or 30 minutes after eating.


2.Avoid foods that cause gas

There are particular foods that are known to cause intestinal gas such as dairy products, onions and apples (Right?). I bet you’re wondering how exactly this is supposed to work but the key is in portions. Just eat in moderation and keep a bottle of warm water close by.

3.Eat like the French

Gulping down a meal could also be a major cause of your predicament. Take small bites and thoroughly chew your food to avoid swallowing a lot of air. Also, you could check with the dentist if you notice you’re still swallowing air. We kid you not, it could be a denture issue.

4.Keep of artificial sweeteners


Xylitol and other related sugar alcohols used as artificial sweeteners are major causes of intestinal gas. You’re generally better of taking natural sugar and if not then sugarless is the way to go. Actually, it’s the healthy way to go.

5.Activated charcoal

Unlike what you use for the jiko, activated charcoal (that comes in pills or liquid form) goes through special treatment that makes it consumable and healthy for human beings. Activated charcoal helps in digestion by mixing with gut fluids.

Remember excessive gas could also be a result of medical problems such as lactose intolerance, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), colon cancer and upper gastrointestinal disorders. Clear with the doctor to ensure it’s neither of these just to be on the safe side.


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