Dj Creme opens up about the painful loss of his child

It still breaks our hearts every time Jamari and our daughter Zawadi ask where the baby went - Creme.

Breaking the tragic news on social media, Crème wrote “So the last 3 Weeks have been hard for my Family and I. Pain & Tears perfectly tucked behind the smiles and fake laughters. I was out of the country when my pregnant Wife Denise called and told me that she’s headed to the hospital and it was an emergency. I won’t lie my heart sunk because I somewhat knew what that meant!

I remember kneeling down and Crying to God to keep her safely wrapped in His Warm Embrace. The worst news came in that the doctor couldn’t feel the baby’s Heartbeat. We’d lost the baby, at 6 Months. So close...So So Close

I Won’t Lie, It tore me to pieces because I couldn’t forgive myself for being miles away and yet my wife was going through this alone. With a few hours to my gig, we spent most of the time on video calls and I swear, Denise is the strongest woman I know l. Telling me that she’ll be alright and that she could handle it and I should keep my head up and grind.”

The procedure to remove the baby was at midnight which was the same time Crème was set to go on stage in Qatar. “The procedure to remove the baby was slotted for midnight, the same time I was getting on stage in Qatar. Not sure how I made it through the gig but God’s grace and Peace steered me through.”

After the procedure, Crème’s wife Denise got to see their daughter and trace her handprints on a piece of paper.

“My wife @deekingsky went through the procedure safely. I didn't get to see our daughter, whom Denise says looked so beautiful and peaceful. She managed to trace her handprints on a piece of paper.. the only thing we’d keep with us in memory of a beautiful soul whom we never got to know but who made us smile every time she kicked.Gods Grace is forever sufficient, We’ve witnessed His peace, through His gentle whispers that “ He shall heal and mend the broken hearted.”

For the few that knew about it. Thank you for checking up on us, and always being there. We can’t find the words to thank you enough. @timadeka @karey82 @esther_wanjyru @murugyy Thank you for your prayers. God bless you mightily.

Denise, I thought I was the strong one but clearly, you are the stronger one, and I Thank God for you on a daily. I love you to infinity and back.

It still breaks our hearts every time Jamari and our daughter Zawadi ask where the baby went... May God’s Will Be Done,” He added.


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