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Popular Kenyan DJ counting loses after goons vandalized his multi-million studio [Photos]

Pole sana Kaka

The Mix Masters Entertainment CEO, is a bitter man after losing his equipment’s in a demolition that went down without notice.

“Well... this is what has remained of the studio. Without notice we were asked to remove our property under extremely harassing and threatening circumstances. Accompanied by goons armed with pangas and heavy wrenches...shoving my dad severally destroying our property looting my machines Dj Decks, PlayStations studio equipments and stock...Kenya ina wenyewe kweli. Justice ni ya Wenye pesa??” reads DJ Kalonje’s post


Kalonje says that the goons who were armed with machetes and crude weapons manhandled his father, looted his studio equipment and destroyed his property.

Dj Kalonje started out back in 2006 hawking his mixtapes at Sh50 in the streets of Nairobi before the mixtapes soon found their way in matatus catapulting him into legendary status in the matatu industry.

In July this year Kenyan DJ Kalonje, Chipukeezy and YY the comedian made history after being the first Kenyans to be interviewed on the BET Awards Experience.


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