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Haiya! Popular Gospel DJ caught red-handed abusing his friend

Crossover 101 gospel DJ Mo called one one of his close friend’s, Xtian Dela, a dog in screenshot making rounds on social media.

DJ Mo and bestfriend, Xtian Dela

The man of God was apparently pranked by Xtian Dela in a whatsapp conversation that later triggered DJ Mo to call Dela a dog for playing games with him.

The conversation was however later shared by Xtian Dela on social media to share the ‘funny joke’ but his audience were quick to note that the social media bigwig had cropped out a section of the conversation that read, Umbwa wewe.

This is however not the first time the two are seen roasting each other on social media. But did DJ Mo go too far with his response to the joke?

Well, this has sparked different reactions from social media users who were quick to call out DJ Mo for pretending to be a holy man yet his actions portrayed something different.


It is however difficult to judge since this was done on a light note, but judging from how DJ Mo and his family carry themselves as spiritual beings with no mistakes; one finds it hard to pass judgment.


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