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I earn more than Size 8

The NTV gospel DJ recently disclosed that he out-earns his famous wife.

Among the questions was; ‘Never Have I Ever’ felt jealous of my wife’s earnings?

The Crossover 101 DJ said never before revealing that he has never felt jealous about how much his wife earns because when it comes to bringing home the bacon, he has always brought more. “I have always earned more than her.” He disclosed.

He went on to reveal that he enjoys providing for Size 8 even though she is rich in her own right.


“Men are created as leaders and I like providing for her even if she has her own money, I provide. I feel uncomfortable when I can’t provide.”

He had this advice for men whose women earn more.

“In a relationship there is money and there is power. Ask yourself why are you with her? First know why you are with that lady if it is about the money you should not be insecure because you are getting sponsored, if it’s about the power the same case applies. If it’s about love even if she earns more money let things flow your time will come.”

And when it comes to managing money in the Muraya household, DJ Mo helps Size 8 manage hers since he has grown up with a lot of problems and so he knows that money shouldn’t be splashed around.


“I know how to manage money since nimegrow kwa shida mob sana. Si ati namuekea yote , ako na account yake. Its how I control her sometimes she wants to buy something and I tell her ‘no’. I know how to control her from spending too much.” He said.

Before revealing that Size 8 would end up broke because of her generosity and her love for weaves.

“Size 8 anapenda nywele na hutu tuvitu twa madem and she also she gives out a lot especially to the needy. Such things. When it comes to spending I make sure vitu zinaenda vizuri. When she was alone she was extravagant when it came to money.”

Watch the whole interview below:


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