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Kenyans react to DJ Mo marriage test

Kenyans on social media react to the DJ Mo testing Size 8 before marriage

Pulse Live on Wednesday interviewed the renowned gospel DJ on Wednesday and Kenyans had a few choice words for the entertainer when he answered the question, “How did you know Size 8 was the one?”

DJ Mo answered, “Nilimpitisha test mingi na akapita zote (I made her go through many tests and she passed).”

The tests which included leaving a dirty house for her to see whether his then girlfriend Size 8 would clean it and moving to a low income neighbourhood to see how she would react to the place.


When Kenyans on social media shared the article, reactions varied wildly from shock to hilarity.

One Facebook user commented that, "...the only test I would pass is a pregnancy test," alluding to the fact that she is too preoccupied with other events in her life.

Another user was absolutely affronted questioning,"Kwani there is audtitioning for marriage?"

On Twitter some users swore off relationships if they have to be subjected to testing before marriage.

Famous blogger Magunga was gobsmacked but he appeared nonjudgemental with a to-each-their-own attitude stating, "It's their relationship."


Another user was shocked that Size 8 was the one who had to prove that she wasn't after the DJ's money when she was more financially well off.

Watch the interview here.


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