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Why I have no problem deejaying in clubs

He is a Gospel DJ but haoni ubaya when it comes to spinning in clubs.

But he is considered one in a million since many believe that secular DJs are more successful when compared to Gospel artistes since they cannot Deejay in clubs. But DJ Mo doesn’t believe that this is always the case.

“I don’t know how people will take it, but watu hunipenda because I am always real. Me naeza spin hata kwa club, the only difference between me and the secular DJ is the content. The Bible says ‘Go out into the world and preach the word’ so sioni ubaya ya mimi kuenda hapo Tribeka nichape set ya Gospel. It’s only that it is not our main thing given the things that happen in a club.”  He said before adding “ I’ve deejayed in so many clubs, nimeitwa Nyeri mpaka Kisumu, yaani mi huenda for 30 minutes just to do a Gospel set and go home. ”

“Hakuna mtu haezi make it, unaeza kuwa unafanya hata secular and you struggle ama unaeza kuwa unafanya gospel and you struggle. But the plus in Gospel is you are doing it for Christ and in due time atalipa so it’s better you struggle ukiwa kwa Mungu.” He said.


When he is not busy on Crossover 101 or his Capital FM Show or any other gigs, DJ Mo likes to unwind with his family.

“I bond with my family when I am not at work,” He said before revealing how he keeps the fire in his marriage with Size 8 alive. “We do a lot of dinners by the way if you go on our Facebook or Instagram you will see that. That’s how we bond.”

So what advice does he have for the young guys trying to amp the ante in the romance department?

“You must understand your woman and know what she likes. I came to understand her well and I know what she likes.” He said before revealing that Size 8 doesn’t like flowers.

But when she feels low he tells her not to cook and takes her out for dinners.  “If you don’t know how to cook and maybe you can’t afford an uber, muitishie kakuku ama maua.”  He said insinuating that the effort is what counts in a relationship.


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