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Uko na mdomo - DJ Mo to Size 8

“You know you can talk, you have a mouth Papapapa! Pwaaaah!” DJ Mo said.

On Friday, the couple talked about the one thing that affects all couples, fights over petty things.

In their vlog The Murayas, the couple talked about a recent argument they had over water meant for their daughter and sugar. In the vlog, the couple reveals that DJ Mo had been sent to get those things and he forgot, irritating Size 8. DJ Mo then added that his wife can talk a lot and that escalated their argument “You know you can talk you have a mouth papa! papa! Pwaaaah!”

“No one raised their voice.” Size 8 argued before asking “Mbona ulikasirika?”


“Because I wondered mbona ulikuwa unaongea mingi hivo.” DJ Mo replied.” Uwongo! I told my husband two sentences next time nikisahau usijam. Mo aliruka! Alifura kama mandazi ya mama Hahaha!” Size 8 said poking fun at her husband over his short temper.

The Murayas revealed that the reason that they shared the story was to teach their fans to be more patient with their partner and not get irritated by their partner’s quirks since it’s the small things that often ruin relationships.

“The moral of the story is that in relationships you don’t catch feelings sana, we have learnt that. The two of us there are times we wouldn’t talk, hata tukiwa kwa event moja. Mo amekuja na gari yake mi nimekuja na yangu, tunapatana kwa stage. We realized as a couple we need to grow up and not to extend kukosana, people fight over small things kama maji na sukari and we learnt to grow up.” Size 8 said.

DJ Mo added “It’s all about tolerating. As a couple, you need to tolerate each other and understand anaeza kosea unaeza kosea. Be real to each other, have fun and tolerate each other. ”

Size 8 concluded with “Watu hawakosani juu ya the big things, it’s the small things that make people fight like sugar and water. Anyway love each other and appreciate your spouse.”


Watch the video below:


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