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It’s hard - DJ Pierra Makena opens up about being a single mum

I never thought I can bring up a child alone in this life - Pierra.

“Big shout out to all Super mothers who take up the role of a Father when the man can’t be one…. Happy father’s day to all great dads.”Pierra wrote.

A statement that earned her the label of ‘toxic feminist’ as a fan felt that she was ‘hijacking’ the ‘Father’s Day Tag’.

“Never saw ladies wishing men the same on mother’s day. Toxic feminists always have a way of making everything about themselves.” An irritated fan wrote to which Pierra replied with “Change your circle of friends...and people will make it about you.”


@charleslicoln then argued that Mother’s Day was enough no need to ‘hijack’ Father’s Day. “I respect you a lot but today let’s just leave it for fathers it's their day. To the single mothers; Mother’s Day is enough.”

In her reply, Pierra then disclosed that playing the role of a mum and dad is no easy task so he should let her prosper “Charles, I stand on mine If you have raised a child without the father then you will know how hard it is when you have to play that important role… so with all due respect, I’m talking from a point of knowledge and experience… so will you please let me prosper?”

This is not the first time Pierra has opened up about her struggles a single mum.

In a separate post, Pierra wrote “Life can be a little scary when you are thrown deep end and you really can’t swim. Then you realize that you don’t have to do it yourself...because there is someone who has made a promise to never leave you...and he can swim. That has been my mom story. GOD has indeed been faithful. I never thought I can bring up a child alone in this life but hey...look at me now. I am a living testimony to any woman who feels like it’s the end when you hit rock bottom........The strength of a woman comes from God. Don’t ever wait for it to come from a Man. You can do it by yourself.”


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