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DK Kwenye Beat’s emotional response after Kenyans bashed him over his weight

Kijana wa Kayole has been devastated by the horrible comments leveled at him over his weight.

On social media, the prejudice gets worse and the comments are more brazen or downright cruel. Something DK Kwenye Beat knows all too well as he has been a recipient of relentless bullying over his weight.

Negative energy

During an interview with Radio Maisha on Friday, DK Kwenye Beat disclosed that he doesn’t have any issues with his weight and he has a strong cushioning for negative energy.


But it seems that one can only cushion themselves from negative energy for so long as no one is impermeable to cruelty.

“The tongue has no bone, but it is strong enough to break a heart. Social media is a hostile path to walk on, especially when you are not PERFECTLY created or have a body like mine. I won't quit social media as I had intended, I will instead share my story to inspire another.” DK Kwenye Beat wrote.

Kenyan reactions

Following his confession, fans had divided opinions with some saying that he should lose weight for health’s sake while others said that he should not bow down to public criticism.

Check out some of the reactions:


Alexmathenge: Kitu nimegundua... Do it for health's sake not for people's sake.

raychelleray@dkkwenyebeat:  usi skize za watu, God made everyone in his own Image, let not their words put you down...... #kijanawakayole #NiceTune

daphaz_official: Wacha kudai pity...chapa tizi bro @dkkwenyebeat

rachaelshiro: Kijana wa kayole is a nice song but I expected you to explain’ve been telling us to wait you will share your story but that wasn’t enough....if you ain’t sick well that’s great news but kama hiyo kitambi niyakujitakia @dkkwenyebeat you do need to get serious about health! We need you longer on earth to spread the word of God

ngeno_brian: My brother that's lowering your self-esteem who said you are not perfectly created??.. Be happy the way you are


nancie_buina@dkkwenyebeat:  the change starts with u ..believing in urself n alot of hard work ..u dont owe any explanation to anyone ..but to just ur innerself believe me the change is in u ..n do it 4 urself not for anyones approval

trizzkid_timmy: Be a man usiambiwe kitu dk..its either uende gym ama useme you like the way you are nobody owes you an explanation,mtu uishi venye anajiskia..coz ata useme your story Kenyans are still Kenyans so just do you usiambiwe


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