NTV refused to air one episode of Being Bahati because I was part of it – DK Kwenye Beat

DK speaks on life after sex scandal

NTV refused to air one episode of Being Bahati because I was part of it – DK Kwenye Beat (Instagram)

Gospel singer DK Kwenye Beat has disclosed how things changed for him, after he was caught up in a threesome scandal with his counterpart HopeKid and a 20 year-old girl.

Speaking in an interview, DK said that the situation got so bad and only a few friends stood by him to the end and they were people he never expected.

He went on to narrate how NTV refused to air an episode of Gospel singer Kevin Bahati’s reality show #BeingBahati, because he was featured in the episode.

DK mentioned that Bahati and Ringtone were part of the people who stood by him through it all.

Familia kama ya DJ Mo na Size 8 walimama sana, walipigwa vita ambazo si zao. Kuna mtu kama Daddy Owen, kuna Moji, kuna Guardian Angel. Kuna mtu ambaye si wa karibu kama Juliani alifunga safari akakuja kuniona. Mwingine alisimama na mimi sana alikuwa anashinda kwangu mpaka saa kumi asubuhi ni Bahati na hio time hatukuwa hata tuko karibu,” he said.

He also revealed that during that period, he lost his reputation, friends and many deals because he could not leave the house for a whole month.

DK Kwenye Beat, however, said that he did not lose God and that is the reason he came out of it strong.

In between these issues, I’ve lost friends, I’ve lost deals, I’ve lost reputation but what keeps me moving is that I have not lost God. Huyo tu ndio amebaki,” he said.

Hio season, I thought I had friends but mimi najua tu ni watu tumekutana town kwa sasa. Hamna marafiki hii town. Pataneni mjini achaneni mjini hawa watu si rafiki zako,” added DK.


This comes about six months after DK Kwenye Beat and his counterpart HopeKid were forced to issue public apologies after being exposed for duping a 20 year lady from Nakuru into a threesome and infecting her with Cancer causing virus (HPV).

Blogger XtianDela, exposed the two artistes for taking advantage of the young lady who had reached out for help in pushing her music career to the next level.


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