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DNG shames Privee Westlands for not paying their dues

The radio presenter claims that the high end club is swimming in debt as it is not only him it is yet to pay.

Taking to his Facebook account, DNG who recently got back to his breakfast show on 1Fm radio expressed his frustration at Westlands' club, Privee, for delaying his payment after they out sourced him out to host the FOMO party in June that saw the International act, Jidenna grace the Kenyan platform.

The post reads, “CON MEN ALERT!!! So, ati FOMO Party directors Manu Katangie & LO Talengo plus crooner Antoinne Chidi Untamed are bringing Maleek Berry to perform @ Privée Westlands on Friday. Haha! What you don't know is that these 3 chaps are CON MEN!!! They are yet to pay MCs and DJs who worked for the club and the event this year. Event tent guys & shisha supplier’s boss??? Even their own employees have resigned. These clowns don't pick calls, they don't return texts; Wameweka mpaka 'mtupe app' kwa simu. LOL. Afro Sinema Baba! These guys have even issued people BOUNCED CHEQUES!!! What a shame in the name of being 'one of the most prestigious clubs in Kenya'. Guys, what did you seriously do with all the Hennessy sponsorship money? SHAME ON YOU!”

Speaking exclusively to Pulse, DNG affirmed his claims stating that it’s not only him who wasn’t paid by Privee but the clubs’ employees and it’s other contracted partners.


“They don’t pick up my phone calls, they don’t respond to emails. I have personally sent them. Ask the DJs, the event organizers, and the other people they out sourced. None of them has been paid. They have been giving bouncing cheques.”

When we contacted a former director of Privee Antoinne Chidi, who was also mentioned in DNG’s post, he stated that he was not part of the scandal as he left Privee a month back.

DNG claims that it is Chidi who signed the breached contract between his brand and Privee. In response, Chidi also affirmed the same but explained that he was only performing his duties as delegated by Emmanuel Katangie and Levi Talengo who are the owners of the club.

Chidi said during a phonecall, “I did sign the contract but only after DNG and Manu had spoken and agreed. He was not in the country and I was only representing my boss. DNG and Manu have known each other for a very long time. They even went to school together, it’s not that hard for DNG to actually walk into the club and demand for his pay from Manu himself. He can easily find him.”

According to Chidi the last time the radio presenter contacted him was long before his resignation and at the time the bosses had informed him that they were making a plan to pay. He said, “DNG called me last about a month ago and I told him that Privee working on a plan to pay him. I actually thought that they already had until I saw his post on Facebook.”


All attempts to reach Emmanuel (Manu) proved futile as he did not pick up his phone.


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