Nairobi Lawyer Donald Kipkorir has once again found himself on the receiving end, following his remarks on Jamaican singer Alaine.

In a tweet, Kipkorir said he was in Jamaica for a week and he asked the drivers who took him around as he toured the country if they knew the ‘Sacrifice’ singer and Morgan Heritage, but they did not.

He added that he also asked waiters in the hotels where he boarded during his one week tour, but none of them knew the two, adding that Kenya is a country that makes people who are not known, to be stars.

Donald Kipkorir trolled after derogatory remarks on Jamaican singer Alaine

I was in Jamaica for one week & travelled across the country. I asked the drivers I used & waiters in the restaurants I visited if they knew Alaine or Morgan Heritage.. None of the Jamaicans I asked knew them ... They are unknowns in Jamaica.. Kenya makes “stars” of non-stars,” he wrote.

The lawyer’s words did not settle well with a section of Kenyan’s on Twitter (KoT) who lectured the lawyer on how wrong he was with his remarks.

Here are their reactions;