Dr. Ofweneke’s heartfelt message to wife as she turns a year older (Photos)

Thank you for being the queen in my kingdom- Ofweneke

Dr. Ofweneke  and his wife Christine

Celebrated Comedian Sande Bush popularly known as Dr. Ofweneke is out here letting the world know that his wife (Christine Tenderess) has a turned a year older and he is not afraid to pamper her with all the sweet words.

In a post seen by Pulse Live, the funny man is pouring out his heart to his wife, with a heartfelt message, thanking her for keeping up with him and giving him a beautiful baby.

Happy Birthday Christine

“🦅🦅🦅THE EAGLE🦅🦅🦅 Look at you looking all sorts of candy with some kachumbari on top!! My Queen, as you turn a year old I can only thank God for how far we have come as a couple The fights,the happy times,the times you don't pick my calls when angry, the times you piss me off but I just swallow my pride, the times of asking me “babe what are we eating” and hell you know I hate that question 😎😎😎😎 to now us having a beautiful baby 🤪🤪🤪🤪 This has simply been a story of “LA MUJER DE MI SANDE & TENDE On your birthday today I want you to remember that Everyday am assured I got this one right,you are loved,appreciated,adored,thank you for being the queen in my kingdom I love you My Omwanchi” reads Ofweneke’s message to Wife Christine.

The two love birds (Ofweneke and Christine) have been together for a while now and they even welcomed a new born into their family named Eisley Favor Sande back in January this year.

New Born

A thankful Dr. Ofweneke shared the good news via his Instagram page, promising to do everything within his capacity to provide for his daughter and ensure she is accorded a decent life.

“Today,Mummy,I wanna find the right words to say about your arrival but well I can’t 😭😭😭😭 How can I thank God for you, After full 9 months you arrived in style winking your eye not knowing am your father, Everybody is excited of your arrival including your elder sisters Faith & Debbie but more is your mum and I.....As your father I promise to drop the sky for you, clean the streets for you, lead you, protect you, defend you, feed you, spoil you and more so to bring you up in the ways of God. Welcome to the world Baby Eisley Favor Sande,” read part of Ofweneke’s statement.

Dr. Ofweneke's post


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