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Willy Paul and Size 8 cause a major scene at Radio Jambo studios

It seems Willy Paul isn’t going to stop causing drama, his interview at Radio Jambo turned to be ugly and the presenters condemned him in the strongest words possible.


Willy Paul and Size 8 have come under heavy fire following the release of their controversial song dubbed “Tiga Wana”.

The scandalous singer savagely insulted popular blogger when he asked him about his new song that has been the talk of the country.

Willy and Size 8 today morning December 2 headed to Radio Jambo’s studio for an interview with Gidi na Ghost.


The interview was never to be completed as Willy and Size 8 walked out prematurely leaving the two presenters with hard questions.

Gedi said the gospel singer told them he was needed somewhere else and walked out 30 minutes before the interview ended. This despite the fact the Willy had been informed prior that the interview would last for one hour; 7am-8am.

Gedi blasted Willy Paul saying he was an A-list musician (during the days when “Unbwogable” was a continental hit) but his character was nothing compared to the gospel singer’s. N/B: Gedi is also a musician, the famed Gedi Gedi Maji Maji duo.

He told Willy Paul to tone down on his despicable attitude as he advised him to be humble and to spread the Word of the Lord even if he was doing contemporary gospel songs.

Gedi cited mainstream gospel singer, Sinach, who demonstrated humility while being interviewed at Radio Jambo. He encouraged Willy Paul to follow in her footsteps.


Listen to the full conversation below:


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