Malawian ladies besiege and twerk for Diamond after waiting for him for 5 hours

Diamond’s concert in Malawi was postponed till early in the morning after rain ruined the stage and equipments. Revelers refused to go home and waited for him for 5 hours.


Diamond and his crew touched down in Lilongwe, Malawi on Friday October 28 aboard a Kenya Airways plane.

The Tanzanian superstar was in Malawi to perform at the 6 edition of Sand Music Festival at Livingstone Beach. Jamaican singer Turbulence was also in Malawi for the same gig.

Diamond, who was the main act, was slated to perform from 12 at night on Saturday, but a heavy downpour ruined the stage and equipments forcing organizers to push his performance to 6am as they rushed to fix the mess.

Revelers who had flocked Livingstonia Beach refused to go home and decided to wait for Diamond for 5 long hours.

And when Diamond finally took to the stage, the crowd got electrified; they sang along him as he performed hits after hits.

The most striking moment came when the Tanzanian singer was performing ‘Nasema Nawe’; he invited local girls to the stage to dance with him. And they proved Malawian ladies could twerk like crazy.

Diamond left the stage at around 7:30am after dropping an exhilarating performance. He thanked Malawians for having to wait for him for 5 hours.

“Despite the fact that it rained and spoiled the whole stage and sound systeam but you guys decided to wait for me from the Night till Morning....till they fixed the stage and starting my performance at 06am, trust me MALAWI Das Made me love you more than you think.....I love you so much.....thanks a lot for your Love & Support that I can't even afford to buy.”


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