Royal Media Services employee allegedly seeks justice after fiancé leaked her nudes

A lady by the name Rebecca has been missing in action after her fiancé allegedly shared her nudes to all her whatsapp contacts.

The story highlighted by Tuko reveals that Rebecca works for Royal Media Services and is currently in hiding due to the embarrassment she suffered after her private photos leaked. Apparently her fiancé came across suggestive messages between her and some guys that forced him to tarnish her reputation.

The rumors making rounds on social media state that the fiancé was living in the United Kingdom and had a feeling his woman was warming other men’s beds. He then went ahead to circulate her naked photos from her phone to her friends, family and colleagues as a way of punishing her.

Miss Rebecca is now seeking justice for the harm done to her image. She is suing her ex fiancé for leaking her intimate images. She also revealed that the man she was set to marry has impressive ICTskills, meaning that he could have hacked her phone to acquire the photos. Rebecca experts her ex fiancé to be compensated as reported by Niaje.


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