DJ Pierra explodes on TV

She has had enough!

Pierra Makena

And even the gorgeous Pierra Makena isn’t immune to trolls after a certain Friday pull-out accused her of 'parading her baby fat'.

Comments that pissed off Pierra and instead of ignoring the mean comments she called them out on Live TV. In fact, she didn’t just call them out but practically exploded in anger because she felt that it was unfair that they poked fun at a new mum.

“Let me address something ati ‘Pierra showcases her baby fat.’ My baby fat is my baby fat ! I gave birth, I didn’t know what you did, I don’t know if you got pregnant and flushed, but what I did, I gave birth!

And I am very proud of every woman in this world who gives birth and is happy about their body! So you there at home who is seated and thinking ooh mothers give birth and they look terrible and not so curvaceous... excuse me.” She said as she stood up and sashayed to show off her curvy figure.

“I don’t think it’s so bad; I may still be having a tummy but guess what? It carried a baby for 9 months. And this right here is bootylicious ask your husband, ask your boyfriend!” She said as she flounced back to her seat.

She later took to social media to add“The last thing a person should tell a Mother is how bad she looks. Putting her down is unfair and uncouth. This should stop. I speak as a mom! And kudos to all women and mothers looking gorgeous and bringing up beautiful children!!!!

The beauty is in the children we have....I was deeply hurt and I even let it out on my show @letstalkke tells you how emotional we get sometimes. ”


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