You have no idea what made me lose my weight- Brenda Wairimu

Things are not always like they seem...

Brenda Wairimu

And they put Brenda on the list and wrote “Brenda Wairimu is arguably one of the hottest showbiz girls we have in Kenya. When she and took a short showbiz break, many feared that she would probably lose the sweet girl look she is loved for. However, the acting beauty has maintained her cool since. She is as hot as ever. “

An article that rubbed Brenda the wrong way as she felt that Pulse magazine was putting unwarranted pressure on newborn mothers to snapback like celebrities while in fact, the magazine does not know what celebrity mothers do to get back into shape. She also took an issue with the fact that they slammed Pierra for her figure and in the same breadth praised Brenda Wairimu for her figure.

“I know it’s a magazine that has put a lot of people on the map especially when it comes to people on the come up. But it has come to a point where…but let me back, track a bit because they did a story on Pierra. And the story was kind of attacking her for not losing her baby weight yet, as if she wants to, they are assuming that she is not comfortable in her own skin. And I kind of feel that the article that came out today that was celebrating, and I put that in quotes because there is a better way to celebrate people who have had babies. They were celebrating mothers who have snapped back. And as much as I am thankful. ‘Thanks, I made the list’ does it mean that I have been validated? Are they now setting the standards of how you should look like after having a child? " She asked during her Let's Talk show.

She then went to open up about the tragedy that made her lose her weight and get the body Pulse praised.

"You have no idea what made me lose my baby weight. I lost my mum four months after my baby was born. I was stressed to death. So you have no idea what people have gone through to get this body you now deem idealistic and then now you are putting other people on the spot while telling me I look good. It just doesn’t sit well with me." She said.

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