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6 Excruciating Challenges KCPE and KCSE candidates face

There are a couple of weird things that happen during the Kenya examination season. Both male and female students face some challenging situations that include collapsing and loss of memory during this exam period.

Below are some of the few cases we have heard since the KCPE started and will probably come across when the KCSE officially start.

6.Girls seating for exams in maternity wards

Because pregnancy is not a disease nor is it communicable, young girls that happen to get pregnant while still in school are allowed to sit for their papers even when at the maternity ward. Two students sat for their papers in maternity wards on 2 November 2016 after welcoming their babies a few hours to the KCPE exams.



Due to the pressure and fear, most students tend to collapse while in the examrooms. Fear pushes them stay awake all night preparing for the examinations and they forget to eat properly before going in for the paper.

4.Pressure from parents

Some students go run away from home to avoid examinations. The fear of failing makes them paranoid in fear of being shouted at by their parents. So far we have heard stories of street children who opted to live on the stress than take the  KCSE or KCPE exams.

3.Getting mwakenya from different sources

Students get confused when the leakage they are given turns out to be a hoax. Most are lose hope in trying harder in the remaining papers as they have already concluded to have failed.


2.Forced to Visit false prophets

Well, there are parents willing to take their sons and daughters to pastors who can pray for ‘better results’. Most are cheated and end up getting to comfortable with false hopes they will pass even without studying.

1.Feeling home sick during exams

With the new rules stating that parents and guardians cannot visit their children in school, some end up getting home sick and lose focus because of having unnecessary thoughts about home.


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