Eko Dydda’s phone ‘snatched’ while on Live interview with Citizen TV (Video)

Eko Dydda's phone was confiscated in the middle of his Interview

Eko Dydda’s phone ‘snatched’ while on Live interview with Citizen TV

Singer Eko Dydda’s phone was Tuesday night confiscated in the middle of his phone-call interview with Citizen TV’s Waihiga Mwaura.

Dydda who was giving an update on his stay at the KMTC Quarantine facility was asked to hand in his phone by a person who is yet to be established.

In a videos seen by Pulse Live, a male voice is heard saying “Eko Dydda leta hiyo simu” before Mwaura lost his link with the singer.

“We seem to have lost him on that line, we will find out how he is and update you,” said Waihiga Mwaura.

Lost Communication

Waihiga quickly acknowledged that interruption, promising his viewers that he would try and get in touch with Dydda so that they can complete their interview, a thing that never happened.

“We have been trying to reach Eko Dydda, remember we were speaking to him early on but it seems his phone has been taken away from him, if we reach him we will let you know,” said Waihiga Mwaura.

Dydda’s phone was confiscated, cutting short his phone call interviews with Mwaura, at a time he had been taken back to Kilimani police station in company of other people who were in Quarantine at KMTC.

Reports indicate that Dydda’s phone was switched off immediately, and he has been unreachable since then.

Eko Dydda's arrest

The singer was speaking at a time 50 people had managed to escape from the KMTC Quarantine facility and they are being sought after by police officers to be taken back.

The Vidole hit-maker has been in Mandatory quarantine since Monday, after being arrested for violating curfew orders, while going to get medication for his sickly wife.

"It feels like they brought us here to get infected. There is no testing going on at the facilities despite being taken in on grounds of violating the curfew. It’s actually a punishment, those guys made it clear to us that hii ni fimbo Serekali inawachapa kwa kugeuka sheria. We are actually being punished, they said that, because even the way we are being treated, hakuna respect and there is no even asking Question, we are being treated like we are patient already, like criminals. Yaani ukishikwa for whatever reasons utaletwa quarantine,” said Eko Dydda.

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