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How Kenyans were making money out of the Elections

Various ways creative Kenyans were making money today

The long ques at the polling stations exhausted many who were patiently waiting on the queues.

The creative business minded Kenyans jumped on the opportunity to make ends meet by providing those on the queues with snacks and foods.

Food vendors carrying eggs carried the day as the early morning hours their business rocked those who had stayed on the queues for so long.


Another section of Kenyans opted to sell cold water in hot areas to ensure voters attend to their thirst while on their long queues.

Just like any other process, funny moment did not miss out as Kenyans decided offer their small kids to help you get easy access to the ballot.

In places like, western Part of Kenya, voters were being treated with Sugar Cane soup to help them get the energy waiting on the queues.

Yet, in Sides like Trans Nzoia County roosted maize was the order of the day, as business men and women made some money.


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