States House reveals main reason why Uhuru will not attend the Presidential debate

This is why the President has opted out of the Debate

According to state house senior messaging Director Eric Ng’eno,  the opposition has been coordinating with “Media Cartels” to benefit from the scheduled presidential Debate.

He added that scheduled presidential debate is a deal to out source money from advertiser during the debates time.

"Jubilee will not participate in events run under the aegis of cartels. We know NASA is largely cartel-friendly," he said in a statement on Wednesday.

He said that the presidential debate was a matter of profit for owners of Debate Media. They agreed that they would claim rights to all presidential debates in Kenya.

Ng'eno further claimed the organisers - Debate Media Limited - agreed to extract revenue from advertising during the debates and share it among owners.

“For the media to bandy accountability against a politician who endures endless blistering media coverage, just for choosing to skip a private function, is vulgar and disturbing." Said Ng’eno

On the other hand, NASA principal Raila Odinga confirmed that he is ready to attend the presidential Debate scheduled on Monday.

Instead of the Monday presidential Debate, the government has opted to organize their own debate the will take place at City hall with public participation.

The debate for Running mates failed as only one Candidate showed up to face  the panel.


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