Mother who married Holy Spirit leaves Kenya for Honeymoon

God knows how my children will eat - Elizabeth Nalem, a mother of six who abandoned family.

Elizabeth Nalem who abandoned family to marry Holy Spirit

After shocking the country by abandoning her family in West Pokot to marry the Holy Spirit, Elizabeth Nalem now says she is headed for her honeymoon in Uganda.

Speaking to The Standard, the mother of six told the media that the Holy Spirit had guided her to the neighbouring country and plans to travel to the US later.

"God has shown (sic) me to travel to the United States when I am done with Uganda. He told me to traverse the world but I told him I won't be able to and requested him to recruit other members to help me in spreading the gospel," she explained.

Nalem’s husband has begged her to go back home but she insisted that her newly wedded husband would have to give her permission.

"I talked to my husband and told him to take care of my children. I am being guided by the Holy Spirit. When He tells me to go back home, I will but right now He hasn't," she said.

"God knows how my children will eat. I have left them in God’s hands,” she said, the woman added.

While in Uganda the woman plans to spread the gospel as was instructed to do by the Holy Spirit.

On her wedding day, the bride donned a gown bought by her pastor Albert Rumaita.

Nalem’s husband expressed that he was confused by the turn of events but would not hinder her from pursuing her heart's desires.

"I am okay with it. There are no two weddings, but I am shocked. I don't understand what is happening," he said.

She is my wife and I have paid 22 cows as dowry. We have six children and one has finished Form Four recently,” he added.

Weird unions

In 2020, a young man in Elgeyo Marakwet County was jilted by his wife who carried their four children with her as she left her marital home when he decided to live with a monkey.

The man, Isaac Kibet, treats the monkey as his daughter and named the monkey Josephine Baboon Kibet and usually takes care of it as the two found a rare bond.

The estranged man disclosed that he rescued the monkey which he found lying on his farm while young and was granted permission by the authorities to take care of it.

"If I had power, I would have taken it to school and even bought it uniform and a biker. The only problem is that the tail will be a distractor," he disclosed.


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