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"Why I fell for Kibaki's grandson" You Tuber disclosed

It’s not the money just in case you were wondering *chuckles*

Elodie Zone

The popular You Tuber recently had a chat with Ghafla's videographer Moree and for the first time she really spoke in length about her relationship with Sean Andrew, Kibaki’s grandson.

First of all to put the matter to rest once and for all and secondly because she feels the matter was way exaggerated.

According to her, it happened way before it first hit the interwebs and it was a mutual agreement between the two creatives. Just like any other relationship, things were not working so they decided to call it quits and focus on their own self development.


And whether they are ever going to get back together, apparently NOT; “I’m in a very happy place now, working on my YouTube and hanging out with my friends so that is definitely out of the table.” She made it very clear.

As to why she was attracted to him- the guy was simply handsome. She first met him while in school alongside his friends and she thought he looked good, at least that is the first thing that came into her head.


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