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EMB Records is not making any money – Bahati

Mr Seed and David Wonder recently left the label.

David Wonder, Mr Seed and Bahati (Pulse Live)

The last two weeks have witnessed a mass exit from Bahati-owned record label EMB Records.

Just days after Mr Seed’s departure which was shrouded with controversy David Wonder has now joined the list of artistes who have shown their backs to Bahati.

David Wonder claimed Bahati told them that he had done his part in their careers and whoever wanted to leave the label was free to do so and whoever wanted to stay was free to stay. He chose to leave.


Mr Seed left EMB Records in a huff last week after Bahati called the cops on his pregnant fiancée. There are claims that Bahati also refused to pay him for his concerts.

Weezdom, the first EMB signee who left the stable before Seed and David said that he did so after being forced out by Diana Marua.

Bahati Responds

As claims of the acrimonious exits hit headlines across the country Bahati has revealed that EMB was not making money from the artistes signed under the label. He disclosed that EMB records was more of a launching pad for those artistes signed under him rather than money-making venture.

“EMB entertainment is a business which wants to raise people, actually it’s more of a ministry because it doesn’t make money from the artistes. So if money is not involved you cannot fall out with anyone. We are still building and its time for another artiste (to be signed),” he explained during an interview on Mambo Mseto where he also addressed his apparent beef with Mr Seed.



Speaking on Weezdom, Bahati disclosed that he wasn’t signed officially at the record label and he had just took him under his wing as he has a fatherly spirit. “Weezdom wasn’t signed officially, Weezdom is a friend, I have a fatherly spirit.”


The ‘Mama’ hitmaker went on to add that God has given him the ability to uplift others and EMB records for him was a sacrifice since he didn’t make money from it.

“I can say this confidently God has given me the grace to uplift others. To support a new artiste, you need to pump in money, to make a good video you need money. At that time when an artiste is starting out you cannot make it a business, you need a good heart for your artist to prosper,” he explained.

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