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God forbid! I can never marry a young man - Emmy Kosgei reveals

Some Kenyans have criticized Emmy’s choice of a husband

Even controversial blogger Nyakundi weighed in on Emmy marrying the General Overseer and Founder of Revival Assembly Church.

In the post, Nyakundi took shots at Emmy’s decision to marry an older man “In a world full of eligible men, it is baffling to see one of the country’s “top” Gospel artists fly all the way to f**kin Nigeria in search of a man. Despite all the glitz and glamour in their entertainment scene, Nigeria is a f**ked-up country.”

Daddy Issues


He went on to pronounce that Emmy was suffering from daddy issues and that is why she engaged in an ‘illicit’ relationship with the Apostle “The women who had insufficient male presence during their upbringing, tend to go and look for it in her older age. Which is why they find themselves getting attracted to older (most times married) men. They’re normally looking for their fathers in those illicit relationships.”

Despite the harsh criticism Emmy has received she has no regrets about marrying the pastor and given a chance to marry a young man in the event of a divorce, she wouldn’t take up the task. Because is her opinion, younger men come with their ‘own problems’ and she has already had the taste of true love and respect from Anselm.

Ladies not pleased

“Tufiakwa! (God forbid!) No way (I can’t marry a younger man if I divorce).They come with their own problems and where I have gone now (high) is a big gap ooh…My husband has got me he loves me.” She disclosed on Talk Central.

Mrs Madubuko also disclosed that her decision to marry Madubuko also caused an upheaval in Madubuko’s church as some ladies who had been eyeing the pastor were not pleased with his new beau.


“You know women, pastor akiwa single, they have their eyes set on him. One Sunday he announced to the congregation that ‘All of you are my spiritual children, I cannot pick from my flock it is bad. I will be taking a wife from Kenya.’ The single girls left but some have come back as they realized that I’m just this simple Kenyan girl.”


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