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Eric Omondi and fiancée appears in public for the first time after video showing their fight happened revealing what happened (video)

Eric Omondi and his girlfriend have come out to talk about the incident caught on camera which see the couple fight in a public place.

Hot on the heels of the leaked video of him clashing with his fiancée, Eric Omondi has stepped out with a tell-it-all video revealing just exactly how things are with his wife.

Earlier on, Eric Omondi had accepted that the vide was true resulting from a misunderstanding that happened way back in February only that it was being shared online now.

He also revealed that the woman in question was his cousin.

However, this morning Eric Omondi has posted a video that reveals that the two are not only together but also could have played the biggest prank ever on us for the sake of an advertisement.


Eric Omondi, his lady Chantal and a representative from Ocharge are seated on the video as Eric explains exactly what happened saying he cannot fight an Italian giving reference to Chantal Grazioli mixed heritage.

He goes on to hand her several romantic gifts before launching on a full mode promotional campaign for the Ocharge app.

Given the level of attention the whole incident and reports received, his response video in which he links the fight and the promotional message was bound to get more attention.

By the time of publishing this it had already been viewed more than 15,000 times. It is a build up to the trend of celebrities generating drama to raise attention for their songs and shows and now Eric Omondi has applied it to his product endorsement and reaped the benefits.

It sure helps having such a beautiful lady who can play along such roles and does her share to make you one of the most followed couples in Kenyan Showbizz.


Here is the video


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