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Kenyan ladies go wild over the size of Eric Omondi's b*lls [Photo]

Eric Omondi Balling!!

In the photo, a bulging lump is visibly seen dangling between his legs as he relaxed with the girlfriend.

Netizens, especially ladies, flocked in the comment section and gave different opinions depending on what they had seen.


His fellow celebrities were not left out, as they started making fun of Eric’s B*lls with a number of Memes. Some of the celebs were shocked, others couldn't’t stop laughing at Omondi’s photo.

Eric seems to have mastered the game on how to stay on the top using different stunts, just the other day, he erected a huge billboard to welcome his girlfriend back to the country.

Reactions for his Fans

“Waa mak*nd* ni 20kgs”


“BALLingfor real”

come see eskaba......

umenishinda tabia

puahahahahahahaha am dying

I’m impressed


man power jooh....hii ni hybrid

Una Mashine asee

Balls hua mbili! mi naona moja tu

ulienda kuonyesha elephants we uko na balls kuzishinda

Hapo down noma wah


Hee umebeba kubeba walai heee

Ure balls are healthier than ure body

“Am just here for the comments"

I can't laugh alone

Kumbe hizi vitu kubwa ndo zinanyonyanga protein yote kwa mwili mpaka huezi nona?


am here for the comments”

umebeba mpaka ya freddie omondi

boo nilicheka yangu jana

“Omodi the baller. .hahahaha

Chantel must really love some Nutella on her


.wachana nayo

Ballfire Adventure

After kula KDF badala ya kufura tumbo wewe naona unafura kwingine"

Kama wewe ni  , footballer ama una mimba. Balls one side.

hahah anagusha chalii wako


Sasa nimeelewa mbna hyu dem mbna hawezi kuacha Khai isio ne waru wenashio

Mano doko thuon Scrotal Bag.

Kuna kitu nmeona mahali. Blessings are in you

3 legged

Hizi zinahitaji insurance.


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