Erick Omondi opens up on battling depression, disappoints Lilian Muli on live TV [Video]

Its not a laughing matter!

Comedian Erick Omondi

Award winning comedian, Eric Omondi opened up on battling depression and the struggles he went through in the first few years in the Comedy Industry.

The comedian revealed that he was extremely famous and extremely broke at the same time, five moths later after joining Churchill show.

He admitted that even when he used a matatu people thought that he was pranking them and yet he was struggling just like every other person. His house was closed and his possessions seized forcing him to stay at a friend’s place in Highrise for 6 months.

He later on earned a first million from advertisement and wanted to buy a black Mercedes Benz from the huge amount but Churchill warned him against the idea, reminding him of his struggles. He advised him to get a manager and start saving.

The funny man, spoke on Njenga Mswahili’s death stating that he knew what Njenga was going through and most people assumed he would be okay.

Most of us assumed that he would be fine because of this traditional nature of ‘mwanaume ni kujikaza’. We assumed he would be fine. And it’s something that many of us have gone through. Some of us were lucky enough to come out of it. When you come into fame and you acquire celebrity status, there are certain things if you are not able to handle, its very easy to go down on that road of depression," Said Eric.

Eric admitted that being a celebrity is demanding and that there's a lot of pressure that comes with it making people to go an extra mile just to keep up a good image for the media, the industry and the corporate world.

The CEO of Big Tyme Entertainment advised fellow comedians and upcoming artistes to be themselves and and not to succumb to the pressure.

"You push, you persist…its not everyone that gets their big break but the people who push who persist and who who insist." Encouraged Eric to upcoming artistes.

Several attempts by Lilian Muli to have him crak some jokes did not yield any fruit as Omondi calmly brushed aside her requests and opted to focus on the discussion on depression facing Kenyan celebrities.

Below is the video, as posted by Citizen TV.


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