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Esther Passaris causes an uproar after referring to God as ‘Her’

You are worse than churches!

Esther Passaris causes an uproar after referring to God as ‘Her’

Nairobi Woman Representative Esther Passaris has caused an uproar online, after she referred to God using the word ‘Her’.

The woman representative who recently came back to the country from a medical operation in India made the remarks while supporting sentiments by Lawyer Donald Kipkorir, who had said that the AIPCA Church had lost course.

When Mwangi Kiunjuri & Moses Kuria abused the President at that funeral in an AIPCA Church in Limuru, the congregation was cheering .... I don’t know how mourners & church goers cheer abuse of a President ... Have said many times before that AIPCA isn’t a church; it’s a SACCO,” read the lawyers tweet.


Mama County stated that she could relate and that churches were losing morals they are supposed to uphold.

She then said that only God could save people as he called on everyone to seek to know God. This time however, she used the pronoun ‘Her’ instead of the usual ‘Him’ that is used to refer to God.

Hmmm sad that I can relate to this fact. Many so called 'churches' are continuing to lose their moral authority to steer us as both worshippers and a country. God and God alone can help us. Let us seek Her directly in the quiet of the night. Through worship & words. #GodIsLove,” she said.

Kenyans on Twitter who got to see the tweet went ahead to share how they felt about the Nairobi County legislator’s choice of words and here is what they said;


@Jessy41067922 Seek "HER" i don't understand the "god" you worship,to me and we we worship God the father

@33_jamvin So now the almighty is "her"...

@Ianesky Never should the church be used as a political playground

@qzimq Her as in Greek God Artemis


@JeanIvy_ , God is a He so you ought to have used "Him" instead of 'Her' Next time usisahau tena

@DonholmFinest It is deliberate

@MaririJob Temples and churches have become social centers. They have lost their original purpose because the minds of the people are more attracted to worldly things than to prayer. The lips repeat the prayer mechanically like a phonograph record, but the mind wanders to other places

@mpole_ngash Only GOD knows

@EvansOmondiAke1 Forgive me, but i have always thought God is male.


@LemargeroiS Is your use of HER in reference to God, the usual continuous analogy on Feminism Theology it was unintentional? Just curios

@Antony67895058 God our father is 'HE' nisikuambie tena


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