I got my husband cheating on me- Esther Passaris

I could clearly tell that my husband and his guest were not having a business meeting.

Nairobi Women Rep Aspirant Estrher Passaris

During a recent Interview on KBC Nairobi Women Rep Aspirant Estrher Passaris, opened up about her polygamous relationship and the day she got her husband cheating on her.

Despite her satus in the Society Passaris was not exempted from the “Mpango Wa Kando” drama that has become a norm in the city nowadays.

Passaris narrated how she walked in to a restaurant and pumped into her husband with another lady.

“I could clearly tell that my husband and his guest were not having a business meeting. Anyway, I gracefully walked to their table with a smile on my face and mixed emotions in my heart, stretched out my hand and said hello darling,” Passaris said.

To the shock of many who were watching the show Passaris act, got many surprised as she did not ignite any drama as she choose to remain calm despite what was going on in her presences. .

According to Passaris when they got home, her Millionaire husband Pius Mbugua Ngugi wanted to know why she did not react to the situation like many ladies will.

“Darling, what did you want me to do? You wanted me to fight with you in public? I had a business lunch there, you had another woman… was it something I needed to fight for? Because a man is not my God, my God is only one. I cannot fight over a man.”Said Passaris

Passaris added that she doesn’t have hard feelings for other women in her husband’s life and she as accepted to live in the Polygamous relationship.

“When I travel with my husband, I buy presents for the other women’s children, because we are in this situation already. W are many. I know love is emotive. You know what? My first husband is God. I am not going to fight over this man to the point that I destroy other women or their children. I think every woman should be like that”

Passaris doesn’t regret marrying Ngugi and she respects that he has otherv  kids apart from her’s.

; “Ashazaa huko nje, are you going to let the other women’s children suffer? I fight for all women; I fight for all children, okay? Even if it is my husband with another woman out there! At the end of the day, ni mtoto wa bwanangu, ni ndugu ya watoto wangu.”


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