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Exclusive: Doreen Majala speaks on leaving NTV

Is she leaving?

Doreen Majala (Courtesy)

Since Doreen Majala announced that she would be furthering her education by pursuing a Master’s degree in arbitration, many assumed that she would be leaving the media once she is done with her degree.

This is because media is a full-time job and being an abritarator can take up a large chunk of one’s time.

Speaking exclusively to Pulse Live, Doreen addressed these claims and her decision to pursue arbitration.


“ADR (Arbitration and Dispute Resolution) specialism is increasingly in demand and with the globalisation of business, it brings with it vast economic opportunities. Why not tap into such a market? ” she said.

On whether she will quit NTV to pursue her passion in arbitration, her answer was a definite ‘no’.

“Pursuing education doesn't necessarily mean I want to leave NTV. I still have a lot to do in this space and thus I'm staying put. Let's cross the bridge when we get there,” she emphasized.

Doreen Majala Foundation


Miss Majala also spoke about The Doreen Majala foundation which she had touched on, on her Instagram post. “The Doreen Majala foundation focuses on education. It works towards creating equal learning opportunities for every child by providing basic learning materials to children in underprivileged schools.”


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