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TV presenter Brian Ogana confesses after love scandal (Video)

Plot twist: You expected him to deny this? Think again.

The girl going by the name Faith on Facebook accused Brian for not only cheating on her but for lying about his mother’s rent so that she could lend him money.

Faith in her fury posted pictures Brian’s expensive suits which she gathered from his house and burnt on the streets. She posted pictures of the incident and screenshots of Mpesa messages showing money sent to Brian’s account totaling to Sh68,000.

This sparked reaction from various followers who took sides. Some defended Brian while others believed that Faith had a right.


Now, speaking exclusively to Pulse Live, Brian affirmed that indeed the incident happened but it was not because he cheated.

He said, “Yes she did but it wasn’t about cheating. It’s a mixed up thing between me and her. We had a misunderstanding and she decided to rant it out.”

When we asked him about his next move, the media personality in a nonchalant way said that he’s ready to bury the hatchet as he is not looking to fight her.

Brian also clarified on the money drama. While he didn’t directly confess to have borrowed money, he denied conning women for money stating that his relationship with the said girl was all about sharing.

Are they still together?


According to Brian yes, they are. To him, this was just an argument that unnecessarily escalated, he says that it has never happened before.

Here's the conversation he had with one of our writers.


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